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  Adolf Hitler

The Last Days of Adolf Hitler
Hitlers head-quarters were in the Reich Chancellery, the large mausoleum he had built. The huge rooms were now disused. Underneath the old chancellery and garden, 50ft below ground, a bunker had been built. It could be reached from the main building through the butlers pantry. At the foot of the stairs were three airtight, watertight bulkheads. One closed the passage to the pantry, one led to the garden of the Foreign office and one led to the bunker. The bunker was in two parts. The first consisted of twelve rooms, none larger than a cupboard. These included servants quarters and the kitchen. At the end of the central passage was a curved staircase leading downstairs to a still deeper and larger bunker. This was the Fuhrerbunker, Hitlers own bunker. This contained eighteen rooms which were made small and cramped. There was a partition, one side was the telephone exchange, power house etc then on the other side was the holiest of holies. The quarters of Hitler. Eva Braun had a sitting room, bathroom and dressing room come bedroom. Hitler had a bedroom and a study. The sixth was an ante-room. Two other doors led to the map room and rest room of the personnel guards to Hitler. On the right of the passage were his two doctors. Morell and Stumpfegger and the first aid room. At the end of the passage, the cloakroom that led up four flights of stairs to the garden. This was the emergency exit.

There were other bunkers under the chancellery. One of the Party Chancellery where Bormann and his staff lived. Another held SS Brigade-fuhrer Mohnke and his staff. In the cellers of the Propaganda Ministry lived Goebbels and his staff. The airless claustrophobia of the bunker was the final bleak expression of the artificially and isolation of Hitlers own existence. In the baleful glare of its electric lights night merged into day. The last military conferences often ended at 6am, after which Hitler would slump exhausted on his sofa, seeking relief in plate after plate of cream cakes. In the hours of darkness, he would occasionally emerge from the bunker to take his Alsatian

Blondi for a Walk

To those who saw him, Hitler presented a dreadful physical spectacle like a man risen from the grave. A wash with drugs provided by the Reich Injection Master Professor Theodar morelli, hunched and shaking with faltering voice, foul breath and glucose eyes, a crust of spittle and cake crumbs flecking his lips, his jacket blotched with food stains. Major Boldt recalled His head was slightly wobbling, his left arm hung slackly and his head trembled a good deal. There was an incredible flickering light in his eye, creating a fearsome and unholy un-natural effect. His face and the parts around his eyes gave the impression of total exhaustion. All his movements were those of a senile man

People who had known him in the earlier years before the war, when he was a human dynamo often bursting with restless energy, noted about 1942 on, that he seemed to be aging at least five years for his every one. Near the end, on the day he celebrated his last birthday, he seemed closer to 70 than 56. He looked what they called physically senile, the man was living on nerves, dubious medications and driving willpower. Sometimes even the willpower seemed to be slack. Then suddenly it would flash again with the old drive and fury.

On April 29th, after fegelain was shot and Ritter von Griem and Hanna Reitsch were ordered out of Berlin to go and arrest Himmler in the early hours, Hitler named the late liaison officers sister in law, Eva Braun. They were both affirmed that they were of pure Aryan decent and were free of hereditary diseases and were declared man and wife.

After the wedding, there was a melancholy reception in Hitlers suite attended by Goebbels and his wife, Bormann, General Burgdorf, Ambassador Hewel, Artur Axmann, head of the Hitler Youth, Colonal Nikolaus von Below, Gerda Christian and Heinz Linge, amongst others. Professor Stonck recalled I could see Hitlers hunched spine, the curved shoulders that seemed to twitch and tremble. His eyes did not seem to be focusing. They were like wet pale porcelain, glazed, actually more grey than blue. They were filmy, like the skin of a grape. They were bloodshot and there was no expression He concluded that Hitler had the classic symptoms of Parkinson Disease and if he lived after the war, then he would have been a hopeless cripple.

On the 30th April, he said farewell to goebbels, Bormann and the others. He shook hands, mumbled some words although from the look in his eyes he was a thousand miles away. At 3.20pm, Hitler and Eva withdrew into their suite. Major Gunsche was told to wait 10 minutes before going in. Suddenly a single shot was heard. Rushing in, Hitlers body was crumpled up, his head hanging towards to floor. Blood ran from his right temple, Eva was sitting on the sofa, no visible wound showed but she was dead.

Hitler had shot himself with his Walther 7.65mm pistol and probably simultaneously biting into a cyanide pill. Eva had taken poison. Three guards took Hitlers body, wrapped in a blanket and carried it away. Bormann took Evas body and it was handed over to the guards. As they were carried up to the garden, Erich Kempka, arrived with a detail of men carrying 40 gallons of petrol in cans.

The two bodies were placed in a trench, covered in petrol and set alight. All present raised their arms in Nazi salutes, the bodies were then buried in a deep trench dug out of a shell crater. On the 3rd of May 1945, a red army private exhumed their remains and Hitlers teeth and skull are now said to reside in separate boxes in a Moscow Archive.

The above information is from a personal website on Adolf Hitler and his Holocaust. The site can be reached at
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