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Middle East News by Yasser AbuMoailek
Palestinians Say
Korean FM's Visit to Palestine 'Historical'

By Yasser AbuMoailek
Mid East Correspondent
The landmark visit of the South Korean Foreign Minister, Ban Ki-Moon to the Palestinian Authority marked a new era in the relations between the Korean and Palestinian peoples, as PA officials described ...

Elections in Rafah:
Heated Campaigning But Friendly Atmosphere

By Yasser AbuMoailek
Mid East Correspondent
Over a crowded table at one of the many coffee shops that line the main street in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, a number of Palestinians – young and old – were preoccupied in a heated ...

Gazan Weapons Dealer Reveals All
By Yasser AbuMoailek
Mid East Correspondent
Rafah City resident Abu Mohammed whipped out his modern mobile phone and quickly dialed a number, before starting a concise conversation with the other side. "Hello. Please send me 750 ...

Victory for Islamic Resistance Group
"Reform and Change" Wins Hamas Elections

Its Welfare Program Gains Broad Suppor in Gaza Polls
By Yasser AbuMoailek
Mid East Correspondent
Leaning against a wall across from a polling station in the town of Deir El Balah, Adel Saqer stared at the final results, shocked right down to his feet. "It cannot be possible. We were sure Fatah would win, but Hamas ...

Tunneling as a Life in Rafah, Gaza Strip
By Yasser AbuMoailek
Mid East Correspondent
The plain appearance of Mr. R did not explain much of the nature of his rather obscure but misunderstood job. At the beginning he had to lie to hide it but when assured of anonymity he started ...

Abu Mazen Liked by US, Israel as Logical Leader
Abu Rami is a 49-year-old fisherman who supports a family of nine children. His work in Gaza's old fishermen dock, which has become packed with small fishing boats, became increasingly difficult ...

Yasser Arafat: an Embodiment of a Nation
The Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat wouldn't have chosen a better funeral than the one he had in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Surely he would have smiled and flown kisses to the tens of thousands massing ...

Tuned in: Gazan Radio Stations on the Rise
Gaza City, Oct. 28, 2004 — "Shhhhh ... Please be quiet. I need to listen to the radio," Ashraf Soradi told the customers that packed his mini market in the Nusseirat refugee camp, as he moved the ...

Tasting the Poison He Treats
Gaza City, Oct. 21, 2004 — Of all the reasons he could think about, Ali Bahri did not realize that the location of his house, which was the source of envy for his neighbors, would be the prime reason for its demolition ...

Israelis Covering Up Their Losses in Jabaliya
Gaza City, Oct. 14, 2004 — Another day passes in the packed refugee camp of Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip, with the Palestinian militant group Hamas releasing a new video of a roadside bomb ...

Buying Groceries: A Matter of Life and Death
Israeli Forces Leave Northern Gaza in Ruins
Mosul Battles Leave Eight Iraqis Dead
Israel Closes Down Hebron
Palestinian Prisoners Go on Hunger Strike To Protest Worsening Conditions, Ill Treatment
Israel Reroutes Separation Barrier in Jerusalem
Attacks Continue in Iraq as Philippines Pulls Out
Bowing to Widespread Anger, Arafat Replaces Newly Appointed Security Chief
Iraqi Minister Survives Assassination
Chalabi Aides Convicted of Abusing Authority
Tossing the Ball in Palestinian Authorities' Court
Israeli Bulldozers Raze Palestinian Families
Israel Continues Hammering Palestinians in Rafah Despite Worldwide Outcry
Hundreds of Homes Leveled, Thousands Dispossessed in Rafah Catastrophe
Israel Destroys Handicapped Rehab Center
Less Than a Month from His Predecessor New Hamas Leader Assassinated in Gaza
Palestinians Join Fund-Raising for Hamas
Food Crisis for the Needy in Gaza Strip
"Hamas Targets Only Israel, Not U.S."
Hamas, Fateh Opposed to "Peaceful" Intifada
New Hamas Chief Calls for Retaliation for Israel
Hamas Spiritual Leader Killed in Israeli Air Strike
Beyond the Statistics: Bereaved Families and Bitter Memories
The Day I Became Crippled: The Massacre of Hebron Recalled
Murder of Palestinian Leader Raises Concern
Israel Kills 3 Palestinians, Destroy 120 Shops
Israeli Troops Terrorize Palestinian Banks
"Refuseniks" Phenomenon Rising in Israel
Bomb Attack Kills 7 Israelis, Hurts Dozens
Angry Palestinian Laborers Demonstrate
Valentine's Day in Gaza: Roses Await Lovers
Israeli Invasion Leaves 12 Palestinians Killed
U.S. Peace Activist Finds Love in West Bank
Israeli Air Raid Targets Islamic Jihad Leader
"Malnutrition in Palestinian Similar to Africa"
At Least 10 Killed in Jerusalem Bus Blast
Israeli Forces Kill 8, Wound Others in Gaza
2 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Troops in Gaza

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