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Maceri's Thoughts on Bilingualism
Julián Castro's Monolingualism: a Failure or Just Standard Assimilation?
Special Contribution
By Domenico Maceri
Julián Castro, former San Antonio mayor, announced his candidacy for the US presidency in both English and Spanish. “Yo soy candidato para presidente de Estados Unidos” would not be ...

Prof. Maceri's special column
Biden's Immigration Plan: Between Trump and Warren

Special Contribution
By Domenico Maceri
“I think people should get in line.” That's how Joe Biden responded to a question about unauthorized immigrants entering the US, adding though that asylum seekers “deserve a chance to be heard.” ...

Prof. Maceri's special column
Legal and Illegal Immigration: A Winning Hand for Trump?

Special Contribution
By Domenico Maceri
“You bring one person in, and you end up with 32 people.” With these words, Donald Trump condemned as “chain migration” the branch of American immigration law which in reality reunites families. Even ...

Prof. Maceri's special column
World Cup: Beyond the Soccer Field

Special Contribution
By Domenico Maceri
“The truth is that I don't regret for a second scoring that goal with my hand.” With these words revealed in 2005, Diego Maradona confirmed that he had used his hand to score a goal in a game between ...

John Kelly's Fails English and History
Special Contribution
By Domenico Maceri
“They don't speak English. They don't integrate well.” This is how John Kelly, Donald Trump's Chief of Staff, described his reasons for the need to block Mexican immigrants from coming into the US. Kelly's ...

Trump's Tiny Heart and DACA's Repeal
“We are going to deal with DACA with heart...because, you know, I love these kids.” With these words, President Donald Trump answered a question on Barack Obama's executive order to protect ...

Yesterday's Immigrants: Better Than Today's?
“They were real immigrants”. That's how two Italian miners were described in my friend's Facebook post in a photo taken sometime in the 1950's. No comment on today's immigrants but the contrast ...

Trump's Alternative Reality on Immigration: a Step Back for the Country
"From now on I'll carry my citizenship papers in my glove compartment," my South American friend told in the aftermath of Donald Trump's election as president. I thought my friend was ...

Kaine's Español: Not Just Empty Palabras
"I didn't have to get a translator at the Republican Convention." CNN political commentator and Donald Trump's supporter Scottie Nell Hughes downplayed with these words Tim Kaine's "Bienvenidos ...

Immigration: The Supreme Court Hands GOP a Victory for Now
"My heart is really breaking for the five million people in this country who've been waiting for the decision". That's how Hillary Clinton reacted to the recent Supreme Court decision on DAPA (Deferred ...

Trump's Tax Returns: Our Business?
Trump's Wall is Full of Holes
Angry Latino Voters Will Deny Trump the Presidency?
Bilingualism and US Presidents
Cruz: A "Canadian" for the US Presidency?
Spanish in the US: Just an Immigrant Language?
Jesus and Illegal Immigrants?
US Border Enforcement Bil Too Tough, Unwise
Freedom of Speech in English Only?
Bilingual Education: Parents Know Best
The GOP: No Guest Worker Program?
Tancredo: the Ugly Face of the GOP?
Rights for Illegal immigrants?
Healthcare for All?
No English, No Service?
When Language Knowledge Means Security
Enough Undocumented Workers?
Bilingual Principals?
Domestic Workers: Family Members?
Mexico in US
Tongue-Tied Bush?
Is Immigration a Local Affair?
Voting Rights in Español
Profiting from Illegal Immigration?
Job Safety for All?
When English Only Discriminates
Border Control with Songs?
Guilty Parents, Innocent Children?
Only One Language for America?
George Bush: Already Lame Duck?
A Comprehensive Immigration Bill That Works
Language as Integration
Driving in English Only?
Untying Americans' Tongue?
Illegal Workers Saving Social Security?
Learning Languages the Easy Way?
Valuing Bilingualism?
English-Only Laws: Why?
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pete Wilson II?
Language Fluency Means Security
When the Feds Bash Immigrants
Learn English or Lose Your Child
Girlie Man Budget
Saving Social Security or Killing It?
A Manual for Illegal Immigrants?
Santiago Adopts Bilingual Education
Interpreting: A Dangerous Job for All?
Stingy Government But Generous People
When English Only Is Not Enough
Spending Political "Capital" on Immigration?
Gonzales: Attorney General for the Country or for Bush?
Speak English or Else?
Medical Help in Foreign Languages?
English in France? Mais Oui!
The Danger of Being Tongue Tied
A Bilingual America?
No Second Term to George W. Bush
San Diego County Violates Voting Rights Act
Should "Illegals" Be Permitted to Drive?
Raise the Minimum Wage to Help Business
Costing or Producing Billions?
Arrested Migrants Repatriated Deep Into Mexico
Safety in Languages?
From Illegal To Legal
Does Bilingualism Keep You Young?
Florida's Latinos to Pick the Next US President?
No Se Habla English?
Killing Desert in US-Maxican Border
When Bilingual Is Silver, Trilingual Is Gold
Switzerland: Too Many Languages?
Stopping Illegal Immigration through Fear?
Espanol: Gateway to English and Integration
Licenses for Undocumented Workers: Schwarzenegger to the Rescue?
Does Bilingualism Make You Smarter?
The Tongue-Tied CIA
English Key to Success for Immigrants in U.S.
Smuggling Children?
English Insecurity?
Drive Legally and Safely
It Pays To Be Bilingual
Iraq: Let the U.N. Clean Up the Mess
Supporting Illegal Immigration?
Lost in Translation?
California: Going Republican?
English Only or English Plus?
Repealing Licenses for Undocumented Workers?
The GOP: Se Habla Espanol?
Refusing to Learn English?
Saving Immigrants with Water?
Americans Support Bilingualism
Latino Population Increase: Good News for Democrats
Latinos to Arnold: Hasta la Vista
Hasta la Vista, Davis?
Cruel English?
Immigration: a Federal or Local Affair?
Ballots in Spanish: a Mistranslation?
Banning English Words?
Learn a Language in One Year?
Don't Bash Immigrants' Languages
Rights for Undocumented Workers?
Canada: One Country, Many Languages
Driving Illegally?
English Plus?
Mexicanizing California?
English: from Global Language to Computer Tool?
Bush and Latinos: Beyond Espanol?
American Politics en Espanol
American Monolingualism: A Myth?
Welcome to America?
English: The Only American Language?
Learning English: A Piece of Cake?
Bilingual: Spanish Only?
Bilingual Education: A Bridge to Educational Opportunity
Language handicap hurting America
Unfounded Fears of Language Pollution
Does Bush's Spanish Presage a Bilingual America?
English in U.S. Doesn't Need Protection
Official English: Beating a Dead Horse?
The Republican Party: Se Habla Espanol?
Bush's Spanish Narrows Gap with Latinos
U.S. Fear of Bilingualism Is Unfounded
English, Spanish, or Both?
You Can Work, But You Can't Drive
Immigration: Yes to Amnesty, But?
Speak English at Home?
Bilingual American Presidents?
Multilingual America?
Teaching Languages: Only for Native Speakers?
Ending English Monolingualism?

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