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2022 Audio-Visual China Hubei Media Week in Japan & South Korea Ends Successfully
2022 Audio-Visual China Hubei Media Week in Japan & Korea Integrated Media Development and International Exchange and Cooperation Forum was successfully held in three nations ...

Victoria & Virtuosi
Eurasian Flow – Concertos and Music for Violin & Orchestra

Renowned violin soloist, composer, and artistic director Viktoria Elisabeth Kaunzner of music ensemble UKOREVV “Universal Korean Organic Ensemble — Viktoria & Virtuosi” from Berlin ...

Op-Ed Special
It's Time Zelensky to Sit Down at Negotiating Table with Putin

Top US Leadership Speaks Openly
Special Contribution
By Anatoliy Sibilov
The Ukrainian army liberated Kherson!!! Glory to the heroes of the liberators!!! Glory to Ukraine!!!. On Nov. 14, 2022 President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky visited Kherson, and on November 15 ...

Africa’s Largest Female Tusker, Dida, Dies
Matriarch Was Aged between 60 and 65 Years
Africa’s largest female Tusker, Dida, has died, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has recently announced. KWS made the announcement on Nov. 1 (Tuesday), 2022 as they ...

Op-Ed Special
Al-Qaeda, Global Terrorism and Threat to Democracy

By MA Hossain
Bangladesh Correspondent
Long ago, on one fine autumn afternoon, my friends and I were discussing which one of our friends who had escaped the get-together in that café to penalize. An army general sitting next to us was ...

Op-Ed Special
Why Islam's Jihadists on Attack of the World?

The War of Ideas (2008) by Walid Phares Explains
Special Contribution
By Ziv November
The War of Ideas (2008) by Walid Phares is a powerful book that explains why Islam's jihadists are on the attack almost all over the world. We pay attention only when they fly into NYC's World Trade ...

Ukraine’s Zelensky Leads the 21st Century Version of the Contras
Right Wing, Corrupt, Propped Up by US Propaganda Campaign
By John Stanton
National Security Writer
According to a New York Times report of March 1985, former president Ronald Reagan had this to say about the infamous Nicaraguan Contras (guerrillas) who were opposing the ...

Letters from Malaysia

By Nanthini Rajarethinam
Special Contributor
Forbidden “Do you really have to attend the reunion, Mayura?” I turned to face Edward. I looked into his brown eyes and all I could see was worry. With a smile, I caressed his silky face while saying, “Yes, ...

Op-Ed Special
Fate of Ukraine Is Decided in Capitol — Victory or Defeat

Special Contribution
By Anatoliy Sibilov
Dear leaders of the collective West at the head of the United States! What kind of military assistance will you provide to Ukraine, this will be the result! Recently, officials have begun to talk about the fact that ...

Breaking News
Number of Dead Rises to 146 in Seoul's Itaewon Holloween Party Accident

Death Toll to Rise as Over 150 Wounded Feared to Die
Over 300 people were dead or wounded in the nation's worst stampede at a Holloween Day celebration in Seoul's Itaewon area in the evening of Oct. 29, 2022. Scores of people, mostly young ...

Will Indonesia in ASEAN Go Up against China in South China Sea?
As one of ASEAN's founding members, Indonesia will take over the organization's president in 2023. Additionally, as decided at the 2020 Riyadh Summit, Indonesia will hold the G20 presidency ...

USA at Crossroads
The United States is at a crossroads - to suffer another defeat in Ukraine from the Kremlin or to overcome cowardice in front of Putin to deal him a crushing blow and save the world from the ...

Over 100 Russian Films, Series Presented at Japanese Content Market TIFFCOM
One of the largest Asian content markets, TIFFCOM Online 2022, was held from October 25 to 27 as part of the 35th Tokyo International Film Festival. For the first time, Russian film and animation ...

How K-pop Became a Global Phenomenon!
K-pop became a global phenomenon and K-pop idol groups are a global phenomenon, with millions of diehard fans all over the world. In the last two decades, the K-pop industry has become a ...

Q Craziness and Unaddressed Evil
You can tolerate a Trumper. You can pity a Trumper. You can even understand a Trumper. But you can never reason with a Trumper. As Ben Sasse, the junior senator from Nebraska, says in his anodyne ...

Oli London Offers to Trade Places with BTS Jimin for Korean Military Service
Dissecting Assam NRC for Better Understanding
Contra Hobbes: Peace and Political Government Are Opposites
Localism Increases Fragmentation of Earth
So Long as There Are Nukes, We Had Better Hope We Live in a MAD World
Combined Wealth of India’s 100 Richest on Forbes List Rises to US$800 BIllion
United States Stuck in the Antarctic Night like the Belgica
Collapsing the Distinction Doesn’t Resolve the Contradiction
Student from Seoul’s Creative Art Avenue Wins International Specimen Drawing Competition
Kurumba Maldives Receives President’s Tourism Gold Award


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Best CEO
Buddhist Wants to Aid Small Companies
Lee Sung-Un Spends 20 Years in Japan to Become NPL Expert
Chairman Lee Sung-Un of "Bojeong PJT," a successful construction company, was a jobless young man 30 years ago when he went to Japan. Now at 53, he is applying techniques on NPLs (non-performing loan) to the local Korean market, making remarkable achievements in the real estate market. Back then Japan was in recession after decades of rapid economic ... more
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Harry Lime's Vienna
So what if it is the city of Mozart, Strauss, Haydn, Beethoven, Klimt, the majestic Schonbrunn Palace, the exquisite baroque Belvedere, and all the glories of Hapsburg indulgence! Call me a lowbrow , a philistine if you like, but I wasnt lured ... more
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