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Elite Model Competition Held at Sheraton
Catwalking Models, Eskimo Amuses Locals, Foreigners
Elite Model Competition Held at Sheraton

There were plenty of elegant bodies and creative minds last Friday the 14th at the Sheraton Walkerhill. An interesting synthesis of young catwalkers and psychedelic trance made up the venue. The point of the event was simple. Take some aspiring models, take music, put them together and enjoy yourself.

The night had a diverse mixture of art and entertainment, starting with an intimate dinner amidst a competition, and then ending with a concert featuring the United Kingdoms very own Eskimo.

The Elite model competition boasted a fair share of beautiful people. Dressed in threads ranging from fur overcoats minus an undershirt to the posh dress shirt and jewelry look, the Sheraton's Kayagum hall was a gallery of aesthetically pleasing humanity between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m.

A model at Elite Model Competition Held at Sheraton

The funkiness of some of the models was a welcome contrast to the almost uniformly dressed audience. The vibe of the competition was something like the Academy Awards meets an elite business reception dinner.

The competition itself invited one to two models from every continent. The criterion was that the participants had to be at least part Korean. The purpose of this was to reach out to international Korean communities to create a stronger bond between them and the main country.

Immediately after the show, it was time to set up for the concert. The calm ambience of the model show soon turned into a chaotic mess of wires and staff members running about.

A model at Elite Model Competition Held at Sheraton

This was a choice opportunity to share some words with Eskimo (also known as Dj Junya). This was his first trip to South Korea, so he was naturally a bit uncertain how the crowd would receive him.

When asked about what he thought about being here and what he wanted out of this experience he calmly replied "to show the people something they have never seen before and to create a positive impression about the music I bring."

Eskimo has been part of Psychedelic trance for about ten years. Since his beginning in the UK club scene, he has traveled to multiple countries bringing his unique brand of trance alongside. Given that he is only in his mid-twenties, it's clear he has the potential to become a phenomenon in the world of electronic music.

A model at Elite Model Competition Held at Sheraton

After a brief conversation about music and his travels, it was time for him to sample the sound system and make sure all was in tact for the concert to come.

The environment of the concert was something worth noting. Part of the Lotus Crew charm is their atmospheric vibe. Their decorations bring this South East Asian flavor mixed in with some psychedelic art.

The scenery included a giant Buddha statue, plenty of incense, and glow in the dark banners casting neon hues. Mats were even laid in front of the Gargantuan Buddha in case anyone felt the need for some downtime in the midst of South East Asian spirituality.

Once the decorations were set, 11:30 rolled around and concert goers started trickling in. After a few brief sets by Dj Psytonic and Dj Psycho, it was time for the concerts main act.

The breathtaking Alkaloid dancers welcomed Eskimo onto the stage. The crowd gave the predictable enthusiasm as the man of the hour went right into his set. Fire from pyrotechnics highlighted the dancers kimonos and star wars style light sabers as they methodically moved to the beats.

Throughout the concert, the models could also be found enjoying the music in the heart of the crowd. If at any point you found yourself feeling excessively overweight or short, there was a good chance you were in their proximity.

It was easy to see, whether you were in the fashion scene or just a music lover, a good time was being had. The event as a whole was a success. A blend of physical beauty with artistic excellence crafted a unique night.

Lotus productions have been putting on shows for a few years now and have recently enjoyed a boost in terms of concert turnouts. One of the founders of Lotus productions is Dj Kiann. According to him one of their priorities was to bring psychedelic trance to South Korea and to create an avid following.

A far cry from hip hop or MTV's redundant pop music, there initially was no media outlet for psychedelic trance. In the words of Dj Kiann "we started with small parties in the back alleys of Itaewon and now we are filling up the Kayagum hall at the Sheraton." Still with all this success and a bright future ahead, the most important thing to him is five simple letters: "music."






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