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Stop Terrible Atrocities to Dogs, Cats in Korea
Special Contribution
By Suzanne Thorpe
Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you for your support in publishing my letter in March and also showing the terrible atrocities to dogs and cats in Korea.

I would suggst that all Koreans fight to eradicate these crimes to dogs and cats and to most certaily outlaw the capture of them for the evil and babaric Moran Market.

Point being that I, like many others, constantly send images as shown below on a website to all theworld press and those who care about dogs and cats will eventually not support any form of Korean business or toruism.


Suzanne Thorpe.
35 Bucknall

Moran Market

Throughout this web site, we have used many photos taken at Korean markets, many of these from the infamous Moran market. A frequent response from the animal abusers is that these are old photos, and that such sights no longer can be seen in Korea.

The photos on this page were taken in August 2002 by a member of DogAid Australia and clearly reveal the defenders of dog and cat eating for the lying scum they are. Our thanks to DogAid for sending us these images.

In the centre of this photo, a dog lies dead. Totally ignored by all except prospective buyers, it is just another commodity.

The Korean Govt assures us that only one specific type of dog is bred for meat (as if that made a difference). This clearly shows that ALL dogs are regarded as food in Korea, both those bred for the purpose and stolen pets.

Squeezed into tiny cages with no room to move, they wait their fate in the sweltering heat.

Look carefully in the centre of this photo. The Korean in the white T-shirt, so proud of his country's "traditions," holds a small dog in one hand and a noose in the other. There is little attempt to hide the vicious cruelty.

No water, just 38 degrees of heat. No shade, no respite, no hope.

A dead dog lies on top of a gage of others waiting to die. In the background to the right are the pressure cookers that will tranform these pathetic corpses into the food so craved by impotent Korean males.

At least they are sometimes fed. The bucket in this cage contains entrails from their fellows who have already been butchered ...

The plight of cats also remains unchanged. Whether they are destined for food or "medicine," these kittens are still most likely to die slowly in boiling water.

His paw might be injured, but it's guaranteed he won't be seen by a vet. No point when he will be tortured to death shortly. His suffering now will only add to his "flavour" ...

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