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N. Korean leader's secret daughter
Kim Jong-Il's Daughter Serves as His Secretary
France-Educated Seolsong Is Beautiful, Intelligent
Kim Jong-Il's third wife— Koh Young Hee, third wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. She was said to be Kim's favorite companion. She was the mother of two of Kim's three sons — Kim Jong-Chul and Kim Jong-Woon. Koh, who met Kim Jong-Il in Pyongyang while she was performing a member of a dance troupe made out of Korean resident in Japan. She died of heart failure in June 2004.
The Seoul Times photo

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il's two sons — Kim Jong-Nam and Kim Jong-Chul — have often been mentioned in both local and international media, particularly in regard to the 64-year-old leader's succession.

But Kim's 31-year-old "beautiful" and "intelligent" daughter, Seosong (雪松), has rarely been seen. Seolsong literally means Snow Pine Tree in Chinese characters. Her name was made by her grandfather — the deceased Great Leader Kim Il-Sung, the founder of North Korea.

Recently, her existence and identity have been revealed by a North Korean defector, who used to be a high-ranking official in Pyeongyang.

An influential local daily Chosun Ilbo ran a story on Feb. 24, 2006 in detail about Seolsong. The defector told Chosun Ilbo that Seolsong had been in charge of security and schedule for Kim Jong-Il since the late 1990s.

Seolsong would accompany her father when he visited North Korean Army units or local villages, taking care of Kim's schedule and his security.

Kim Jong-Il's family
The photo, taken in 1981, shows Kim Jong-Il with his oldest son Kim Jong-Nam (front row). Three others (second row) Kim's sister-in-law Sung Hye-Rang, her daughter Lee Nam-Ock and son Lee Han-Young. Sung and her children defected to South Korea later. Sun Hye-Lim, Kim's wife, was in Moscow for medical treatment when this photo was taken.
The Seoul Times photo

The defector said that she was wearing the uniform of a lieutenant colonel of the North Korean People's Army when she accompanied her father in the past.

Seolsong was seen by the defector wiping Kim Jong-Il's hands with a sterilized towel after Kim shook hands with factory officials on an inspection tour to a local area.

In August 2002 Seolsong followed her father on his tour to the Far Eastern part of Russia.

According to a Korean CIA official, Seolsong stayed as a student in Paris, France in the fall of 2005.

The defector described Seolsong as an intelligent and beautiful lady. Unlike other North Korean women, Seolsong has hair down to her waist.

Seolsong is taller than her father. She is 165cm, quite tall considering that North Koreans are much smaller that their Southern counterparts.

She is said to have a pretty high nose with distinctive facial features and unusually big and beautiful eyes.

Kim Jong-IL's eldest son—Kim Jong-Nam, the oldest son of Kim Jong-Il, is now considered to be the most likely candidate to succeed the North Korean leader. The son of Kim's first wife has been vying for power with his half brothers — Kim Jong-Chul and Kim Jong-Woon, sons of Koh Young-Hee, the deceased third wife of Kim Jong-Il.
The Seoul Times photo

Full of artistic sensibility, Seolsong has a great flair for literature. From an early age Seolsong was adored by her dad, Kim Jong-Il, chairman of the Central Military Commission.

Seolsong was born one year after Kim married his first wife, Kim Young-Sook in 1973.

Seolsong attended the same school as her father and later graduated from Kim Il-Sung University's Economics Department.

Fresh out of college, Seolsong was assigned to the propaganda department of the Workers' Party Central Committee. She was in charge of literary affairs for a while as well.

In fact, all the signatures on works of literature coming into the department were all actually signed by her, according to the defector.

Seolsong is one of the five children of Kim Jong-Il. The oldest son is Jong-Nam, the second is named Jong-Chul, and the youngest son is called Jong-Woon. Kim's youngest daughter is called Il-Soon.






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