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2022 Audio-Visual China Hubei Media Week in Japan & South Korea Ends Successfully
2022 Audio-Visual China Hubei Media Week in China

2022 Audio-Visual China Hubei Media Week in Japan & Korea Integrated Media Development and International Exchange and Cooperation Forum was successfully held in three nations of China, Korea, and Japan on Nov. 9 (Friday), 2022, Hubei Daily Media Group, the host of the event, announced recently.

It said that in the afternoon of Nov. 9, 2022 the Publicity Department of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee, and the Radio and Television Administration of Hubei Province successfully held the Integrated Media Development and International Exchange and Cooperation Forum.

Under the theme of "sharing, exchanges, cooperation, and innovation," the forum was one of the most important activities of the 2022 Audio-Visual China Hubei Media Week in Japan & Korea.

At the forum, representatives of the media industries (such as radio and television and film, online audio and visual, press and publication, and animation) of China, Japan, and South Korea proactively communicated, interacted, and shared with each other about integrated media development, jointly promoting international exchanges and cooperation.

The forum's main session was held in Wuhan, while its parallel sessions were held in Tokyo (Japan) and Seoul (South Korea), with a total of 300 participants. Leaders of more than 60 famous media companies, including Hubei Daily Media Group, Hubei Media Group, Hubei Changjiang Publishing & Media Group(Stock) Co., Ltd., Hubei Yangtze River Film Group, Hubei Zhiyin Animation Co., Ltd., Wuhan Publishing Group, Wuhan Boruntoon Culture Technology Co., Ltd., and Wuhan 2:10 AM Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., as well as representatives of more than 40 well-known overseas media companies, such as China Cultural Center, Tokyo, Japan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK), Fuji Television, Toho International Co., Ltd., Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd., Travel Writers Association, Nippon Animation Co., Ltd., Fuji Creative Corporation, Startup Corporation, Korea China Cultural Association, SBS TV, Seoul Times, Kyowon Publishing Company, MereCinema, Inc., Ace Production, DOOR E&M Production Company, Daily NK, Tiger Animation, HANHO Animation Studio, and AK Entertainment attended the event. Moreover, 18 special guests from China, Japan, and South Korea gave speeches at the event.

Speech by Mr. Zhang Jun, Deputy Director General of Hubei Provincial Radio and Television Bureau

Mr. Zhang Jun, Deputy Director General of Hubei Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, speaks.

Zhang Jun, Deputy Director General of Hubei Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, pointed out in his speech that the form of information communication has been evolving with the progress of civilization, and the new means of communication in the omni-media era have a profound impact on people's work and life. He said that he would take this event as an opportunity to push forward with the construction of China (Hubei) Radio and Television Integrated Media Development Innovation Center, with the aim of creating a number of innovation-driven integrated media development examples that can be used, copied, and learned from, and making and sharing the development achievements with other media workers in and outside of China. Moreover, he suggested that Hubei's media and its Japanese and South Korean counterparts work together to enhance international exchanges and cooperation, deepen communication and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign civilizations, and proactively explore a new pattern of integrated international media development and a new pattern of audio-visual content development in line with modern communication trends, so as to better meet the new demand of the general public for information dissemination and better intellectual and cultural lives.

Speech by Mr. Luo Yuquan, Director of China Cultural Center, Tokyo

Mr. Luo Yuquan, Director of China Cultural Center, Tokyo, said, "we facilitate communication under the theme of 'sharing', promote cooperation under the theme of 'exchanges', make achievements under the theme of 'cooperation', and continue to achieve spiritual transcendence under the theme of 'innovation'".

Speech by Mr. Oh Byung-Ju, Former Deputy Minister of the Prime Minister's Office of the Republic of Korea

Mr. Oh Byung-Ju (OBJ) delivers a congratulatory speech.

Mr. Oh Byung-Ju, former Deputy Minister of the Prime Minister's Office of the Republic of Korea, expressed his gratitude to Hubei for hosting such a meaningful event. He said that South Korea and China are geographically close and have a long history of cultural ties; there is a long history of friendly exchanges between South Korea and Hubei; and there is a deep foundation for cooperation and exchanges between the two places, so he hopes that with the opportunity, China, Japan and South Korea can establish close cooperation in various areas such as broadcasting, film and television, press and publication.

Mr. Joseph Joh, founder of the Seoul Times, said that in order to deal with the great challenges posed by the Internet, the crisis facing print media, and global conflicts and crises, the world needs to enhance communication.

According to Mr. Yano Koji, a renowned Japanese actor and media professional, in recent years, more and more people are learning or intend to learn Chinese language in Tokyo, and Chinese TV dramas are often seen on TV. He has been an actor in China for 22 years, is very grateful for the support of his Chinese friends, and will do more and better to promote cultural exchanges between China and Japan and mutual learning between Asian civilizations.

Mr. KIM Seok-Ki, president of Hanho Animation Studio said that "Hubei Media Week" is a very good platform, and that China, Japan and South Korea have a lot in common in terms of history and culture, so the animation industries of these three countries should further strengthen cooperation and create more influential, excellent works, hoping that these excellent cultures can be communicated globally through the platform.

Ms. Hu Rong, the first Chinese cartoonist residing in Japan, spoke about her unremitting effort in creation and in promoting exchanges and cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea in the field of cartoon animation. She said that China, Japan and South Korea are neighbors facing each other across the sea, and abound with talented people in the field of cartoon. She is convinced that driven by this event, there will be great room for cooperation in cartoon between the three countries.

Zhou Fang, Deputy Chief Editor of Hubei Daily Media Group

Hubei Daily Media Group, with Hubei Daily acting as its flagship, is the largest news information platform in Hubei and also an important information window for the outside world to understand Hubei. It ranks among the top newspaper groups in China in terms of the comprehensive strength.

Joseph Joh, Founder of The Seoul Times

Joseph Joh (2nd from left) participates in the Seoul conference. The founder and publisher of The Seoul Times made a presentation on the international journalism in South Korea.

The Seoul Times is the first and also the only online English newspaper in South Korea, and up to now, it has established a partnership with 20 of the world's top news organizations, making it introduced as South Korea’s most representative online English newspaper on the world's major portal websites and also on websites of news media in various countries.

Cen Zhuo, Deputy Director of Hubei Media Group

Hubei Media Group is a provincial comprehensive media organization; as a mainstream medium in Central China, Hubei Media Group has been awarded "China's Top 30 Cultural Enterprises" for two consecutive years. Its flagship channel, Hubei Satellite TV, covers 34 provincial-level administrative regions in China and ranks among the top media throughout China in terms of comprehensive strength.

Yano Koji, renowned Japanese actor, host and media professional

Yano Koji has been developing his career in China for 22 years. He has acted in many Chinese films and TV dramas, including Eternal Lover, For the sake of the Republic of China, The Proof Of Memories, Bell Of Purity Temple, Feast, and The Suspicious, and also, he was once one of the hosts of the television program “Day Up”. In 2011, he was awarded the Best Foreign Artist of the Year 2010 by the Global Times, a subsidiary of the People's Daily of China, and it was also the first time that this award was granted to a Japanese artist.

Li Zhi, Deputy General Manager of Hubei Changjiang Publishing & Media Group (Stock) Co., Ltd.

Hubei Changjiang Publishing & Media Group(Stock) Co., Ltd. is a large-sized State-owned listed cultural enterprise in Hubei Province. It owns 20 subsidiaries, wit its business covering books, newspapers, periodicals, audio & video, electronics, Internet, animation and other media. It can be said that this company is the cultural enterprise in Hubei Province which has won the largest number of national-level awards.

Ha Min-Ho, Founder of Founder of MereCinema, Inc.

MereCinema, Inc. has participated in the production of a number of international films with its world-class production level.

Ruan Yongzhao, Deputy General Manager of Hubei Yangtze River Film Group Co., Ltd.

Hubei Yangtze River Film Group Co., Ltd. has a significant influence in China, being the leading film enterprise in Hubei Province. This Group takes film and television production as its leading business and focuses on the distribution and screening of films. It has won a number of domestic and foreign awards and has achieved good social and economic benefits.

Ran Lin, Director of Toho International Co., Ltd.

Toho International Co., Ltd. is a Chinese newspaper with a long history under Japan Wenhua Media Co., Ltd., being the newspaper of the largest circulation among the Chinese media in Japan, covering the whole territory of Japan.

Yuan Quan, General Manager of Hubei Zhiyin Animation Co., Ltd.

Hubei Zhiyin Animation Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hubei Zhiyin Media Group. Its industrial fields cover animation periodical groups, books, peripheral spread, new media, animation and so on, making it a pioneer of the complete chain development mode in China’s animation industry.

Alex Roh, Executive Producer of Ace Production

Ace Production, headquartered in Seoul, is a well-known enterprise specialized in the video production in South Korea, with its business scope covering the whole world.

Zou Deqing, Deputy General Manager of Wuhan Publishing Group, Chief Editor of Wuhan Publishing House

Wuhan Publishing House, founded in 1986, has won more than 400 various kinds of book awards, including more than 30 State-level and national-level book awards, exerting a wide range of influence on readers and the academic world.

Wu Qin, Director of Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd.

Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd., founded in 1897, is one of the oldest publishing houses in Japan with a history of 125 years.

Wan Juntang, Chairman of Wuhan Boruntoon Culture Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Boruntoon Culture Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading enterprises in the animation industry in Hubei Province; it is founded on March 18, 2010, and up to now, it has won more than 100 domestic and international awards.

Kim Seok-Ki, President of Hanho Animation Studio

President Kim Seok-Ki (4th from left) of Hanho Animation Studio and other participants pose for the camera in Seoul conference of the 2022 Audio-Visual China Hubei Media Week held at Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul on Nov.9, 2022.

Hanho Animation Studio is a large-sized animation studio in Korea. Over the past 38 years, it has produced more than 1,400 television programmes and theater works oriented at the American and European markets.

Han Qiang, Deputy General Manager of Wuhan 2:10 AM Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

Wuhan 2:10 AM Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. is one of the top ten animation enterprises in China and also one of top ten cultural industry brands in Hubei Province. Up to now, it has produced and distributed more than 100 works; furthermore, it owns a large number of high-quality hot IPs.

Hu Rong, Chairman and General Manager of Nonwall, Inc. and Cartoonist

She is the first Chinese cartoonist living in Japan, and has engaged in cartoon work for 35 years.

Since 2016, Hubei Media Week has been successfully held for 5 years in 10 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, with a total of 590 international cultural exchange activities completed, 64 exchange and cooperation project agreements signed, and 26 excellent Chinese-produced films and television programs shown in Russia, South Africa, France, the United Kingdom, etc., which has effectively improved the power and influence of Jing-Chu Culture in overseas communication and has also effectively promoted the international exchange and cooperation of media industry in Hubei. Hubei Media Week has become an important practice platform for deepening cultural exchange and mutual learning, and has been selected as a key project of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and the National Radio and Television Administration for several consecutive years.






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