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New Enemy of N. Korea
N. Korea & Kim Jong-Un Get a New Enemy with "The Leader Is Present" by Max Papeshi in U.S.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, Sept.18, 2017, — The renown San Francisco-based McLoughlin Gallery is pleased to present "The Leader Is Present," the landmark ...

Singapore's 52nd National Day Marked in Seoul
"Lion City" Enjoys Highly Amicable Ties with Seoul
Singaporean Ambassador to South Korea Yip Wei Kiat (葉偉傑) held a dinner reception at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul on August 18 (Friday), 2017 on the occasion of Singapore's 52nd National Day. ...

Letters to the Editor
K-Pop Saves the World

Special Contribution
By Michael Casey
As I flagged yesterday I’ll write something about Pop Stars today, I’ve even changed my usual Font. I did think of one thing and then another, then I had a splat idea. Its the Jackson Pollock school of ...

Prof. Maceri's special column
Trump's Tiny Heart and DACA's Repeal

Special Contribution
By Domenico Maceri
“We are going to deal with DACA with heart...because, you know, I love these kids.” With these words, President Donald Trump answered a question on Barack Obama's executive order to protect ...

A Blueprint for Fisheries Management, Environmental Cooperation in South China Sea
The South China Sea is one of the world’s top five most productive fishing zones, accounting for about 12 percent of global fish catch in 2015. More than half of the fishing vessels in the world operate in ...

Indian Community in Korea Marks 11th Ganesh Festival at Seoul National University
Special Contribution
By Vimal Kumar Dubey
Festivals are an integral part of the Indian’s life irrespective of where they go. It binds them with their motherland by a thread that is both auspicious and nostalgic. Ganesh Chathurthi a popular Hindu ...

EU Trade Chief Cecilia Malmström to Attend "2017 EU-Korea Business Forum" in Seoul
EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström will attend the "2017 EU-Korea Business Forum," to be hosted by the European Union (EU) Delegation to South Korea in Seoul on Sept. 21 (Thursday), 2017. ...

Letters to the Editor
Animal Cruelty Should Be Stopped in S. Korea

Special Contribution
By Suzanne Thorpe
The tragedy and shame of cruelty to dogs and cats in South Korea continues. This is despite the majority of the populace wanting this cruelty eradicated, not least the admirable animal welfare groups ...

Manufacturing Misguided Protests in Assam
By Nava Thakuria
Special Correspondent
Can northeast Indian province of Assam be put on a red-hot pan anytime by few motivated leaders even though for a wrong reason? If most of the Assamese speaking people often listen to a section ...

US Chamber CEO Strongly Opposes US Withdrawal from US-S. Korea Trade Agreement
Thomas J. Donahue Warns That Withdrawal Would Alienate S. Korea, Jeopardizing Security on Peninsula
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce opposes U.S. withdrawal from the U.S.-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS), it announced in its news release on Sept. 5, 2017. U.S. Chamber President ...

“72 Hours in Pyongyang: How We Exited Gulag”
The story begins in 1994, when myself and trusty coaching partner Mickey D, got an invite to visit North Korea by their Softball Association. The difficulties in just getting to North Korea almost gave us ...

Ex-US Envoy Lippert Visits Ball Park in Gwangju
The former US Ambassador to Seoul Mark William Lippert appeared at a ball park in South Korea's Gwangju City on Sept. 1, 2017. The 44-year-old former US envoy visited the baseball game ...

Oh Ji-Hyun Wins KLPGA Held in Chuncheon
South Korean female ace golfer Oh Ji-Hyun clinched the whopping prize money of 350 million won by winning KLPGA held in a Chuncheon golf club on Sept. 3, 2017. The 21-year-old up and ...

British Songwriting Duo "Ooberfuse" to Be in Seoul on Sept. 17-21, 2017
British songwriting duo, "Ooberfuse," will be in Seoul from Sept. 17-21, 2017. They will be performing a special show for Sofar Sounds and Amnesty International Korea with Korea's YB band. ...

UNESCO Should Cancel Japan’s Okinoshima Heritage Status Unless Women Allowed on It
Hindus are urging the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, whose 41st session was meeting in Krakow (Poland) on July 2-12, 2017, not to endorse or cancel Okinoshima Island of Japan for ...

Bring North Korea to the Negotiation Table, Do Not Sanction It
Forbes Asia's Fabulous 50 List Features A Record Number of Companies from China
An Intolerable Hell
Competition for Survival Signals Maintains Immune Balance
Bolivia Marks 192nd Independence Day in Seoul
Mexican Navy's Cruise Training Ship “Cuauhtémoc” to Visit Busan Soon
A War of Monkeys, Every Man for Himself
World-Class IT Pros Trained in Ukraine
Mexican Military Attache Sexually Harass Local Female Employee at Mexican Embassy in Seoul
Himachal Pradesh: A Holy Himalayan Land of India
Japan's Takahama Nuclear Plant Poses Serious Threat to Neighbors of S. Korea, China, Russia
Why Live in Israel?
China and Technology: Tortoise and Hare Again
"Golden Tulip Sky Bay Gyeongpo" to Open in Late 2017
KB's Madam Moon Myung-Soon Dedicates Life to Nation's Financially Vulnerable Folks
Morocco's 2017 "Throne Day" Marked in Seoul
Tunisia Marks 60th Anniversary of Proclamation of Tunisian Republic in Seoul Event
Assam Forum Bats for Work Permits to Bangladeshi Settlers
"Incheon Remarkably Improved!"
Singapore's Tycoons on Forbes Rich List See Wealth Rise
Hong Kong Hosts Grand Reception in Seoul to Mark 20th Anniversary of Its Handover to China
Three Key Players in Middle East Diplomacy
Yesterday's Immigrants: Better Than Today's?
Temple Mount Violence
"Forgotten War" Hasn't Been Forgotten!
WaterROK Names Its Good Will Ambassador
UAE Energy Minister Blames Qatar for Supporting Terrorism in Press Briefing in Seoul
6 Arab Nations Ask FIFA to Replace Qatar as 2022 World Cup Host
Tensions among S. Korea, N. Korea, US Will Quickly End If Leaders Do This
Drugs Crisis in Iran Emanating from Afghanistan
Why You Should Buy Ralph Lauren Stock?
Mexico Resembles a Civil War: Three Murders Per Hour in Early 2017
President Moon Jae-In's Initiative of "Miracle on the Daedong River," a Cornerstone for Inter-Korea Ties
Wahhabism vs. Muslim Brotherhood: Qatar Crisis Opens Old Wounds
Master Artist Min Tae-Hong in Vanguard of Promoting Korean Art Throughout the World
"Fight against Corruption Is Actual Task"
"Door Remains Open," French President Says
Grupo Promax Becomes 1st Mexican Company to Set Up Factory in Gwangyang, South Korea
Marriage Saving Tips We All Should Know
Countering Coercion in Maritime Asia
Joint Art Exhibition of Park Kyoung-Muk and Han Byung-Uk Runs from May 31 to June 20
"Chinese Cities Want to Copy Songdo As Model of Smart City," Says Caspar Herzberg
Grenada's St George’s University Signs MOU with S. Korea's Uiduk University
Junior Football Leagues Show Record Growth in China
KB's Madam Moon Myoung-Soon Dedicates Life to Nation's Financially Vulnerable Folks
Evidence Destroyed Over And Over Again
Trump Hands Over the Possession of Arab Nations from Saudi Arabia to Tel-Aviv
Bhupen-da Came alive with Dhola-Sadiya Bridge Inauguration Ceremony
ITF Demonstration Team to Perform in Muju
Mission Hills China Joins Global Efforts to Promote Women's Golf Day
Orchestra Academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker Is Renamed Karajan Academy
Advancing Justice Applauds Court Decision to Keep Block on Muslim Ban 2.0
"Countering Coercion in Maritime Asia"
President Trump and Ousted FBI Chief Comey: Competing Forces and Repercussions
Forbes Announces World's Biggest Public Companies
S. Korean Team to Enter $1.75 Mil. Water Abundance XPrize Competition
FIT Launches Fashion Programs at SUNY Korea
Forbes Launches 2017 Global Game Changers List
"Golden Period" for New President Moon Jae-In
"2017 NewCities Summit" to Be Held in Songdo
Election of New President to Have Mixed Impact on Real Estate Market
Trump Uses Saudi Arabia to Balance Its Ties with Middle East and Southeast Asia
Dog Meat Industry in South Korea
Moon Jae-in to Become President of South Korea: Economic Issues and North Korea
My Experience with Korean Pop Culture
Cherishing Our Children
Mission Hills China Invites Golfers to Scale 5 Continents in 5 Days
Keeping Workforce Healthy Is Also a Smart Business Strategy
Japanese Minister in Shameful Comment about Tohoku: Tsunami, Nuclear Crisis, Tokyo Centric
America, China, Russia Should Work Together on the Issue of North Korea
The Fading Spirit of Kano Chikanobu Awakened by Shintoism
Asia’s Creeping Catastrophe
LPGA Tour Opportunity Bekcons for Strongest Ever Annika Field in China
Robert Mugabe, 93, Scoffs at Anti-Mugabe Alliance in Zimbabwe
Forces That Shape Military Options in Korea
Behind the Scene of Khan Sheik Hun Chemical Attack and US Strike on Syria
China Needs to Re-evaluate the Independence of Taiwan: America and Japan
India Stands Shamed after Racial Attacks near New Delhi
"Hong Kong Phil" Performs in Seoul
Japanese Poetry of Kakinomoto no Hitomaro: Impact of the Asuka Period
Trump Offers China Economic Inducements If Beijing Puts Pressure on North Korea
Nuclear Preemptive Strikes on North Korea?
Ahn's Soaring Popularity Unstoppable
The Trump-Xi Summit Paves the Way to New Realism in US-Chinese Trade
Eleven Madison Park Claims No. 1 Spot at World's 50 Best Restaurants Awards
A Quick Guide to Speaking Japanese
Requirements for Permanent Residence and Citizenship
Opening Minds, Shaping the Future: Ultimate Goal of Higher Education in Gloabalised World
Tunisia Marks 61st Independence in Seoul
The Dashing Pedro Almodovar to Chair Cannes Fest Jury
Bill Gates Tops List of Forbes’ 2017 Ranking of the World’s Billionaires
THAAD and Shifting Korean Public Opinion toward the US and China
Top Lady Professionals Receive Mission Hills Ambassador Awards
Kim Hae-Rym Wins World Ladies Championship in a Play-Off
Micro Power Nations
"Israel in Reality" by Zvi November
Trump’s Bigger Military Won’t Necessarily Make the US Stronger or Safer
Five Years of Free Trade: KORUS Is Not Perfect, But It’s Working
Saudi Ambassador to Malaysia Takes Harsh Stance at North Korea
"AWE 2017" Taking Place in Shanghai
South Korea, 3 Other Dragons in Decline?
FC Barcelona, Mission Hills Group Announce Ground-Breaking Partnership in China
Asia-Pacific Should Bolster Health Systems
Asian Americans Advancing Justice Outraged by Recent ICE Raids
Treatment Matters for Women's Strength
New Year’s Resolutions: Have Yours Gone Up in Smoke?
"It Is Fortunate That I Wasn't Born as a Korean," Ex-Japanese Envoy to Seoul Says in Column
Trump's Alternative Reality on Immigration: a Step Back for the Country
Older Half-Brother of N. Korean Leader Killed by Agents with Poison Needle in Malaysia
Mother Nature’s Revenge
"Monet’s Mastery of Light and Color" in Basel
38th Anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution Observed in Seoul
"Danni" to Be Screening at "Seoul Lift-Off Festival 2017"
Earth Is Now a "Toxic Planet"
American Watercolor in Age of Homer, Sargent
US Leaves TPP -- Dashed Hopes for More Industry Growth in Asia?
"Russia to Take Steps If THAAD Is Deployed in S. Korea," Russian Envoy Warns in Seoul
Dogs, Cats Still Butchered in S. Korea
"Alasitas" Festival Introduced to Seoul
The Fire Rooster: Proclaimer of a New Reality
Man Who Drank 10 Cans of Coke Everyday?
"Year of Rooster" Dawns in 2017
Bolivia Awaits South Korean Investors
Is S. Korea, Shrimp between Two Whales of US and China in Their Riverly and THAAD?
S. Korea Ranks One of World's Top Five Energy Importers
President Donald Trump Fulfills Day 1 Promise to Abandon TPP
Monogamy, Marital Fidelity, Sexual Abstinence Are the Weapons to Fight AIDS
Aussie Nutritionist Erica Angyal Becomes TV Celeb in Tokyo, Japan
Mr. Ban Ki-Moon Mingling with Grass Roots
Cho Yoon-Sun Arrested Finally in S. Korea
Keralites Marks Christmas, New Year in S. Korea
Maria Balshaw Appointed Tate's New Director
Password Tips to Keep You Safe from Hackers
"Black January," a Struggle for Azebaijan's Independence, to Be Marked in South Korea
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Visits Africa
What Is the U.S. “One China” Policy, and Why Does it Matter?
Russian Pacific Fleet Ships Arrive in Busan
Mr. Ban Ki-Moon Officially Declares That He Will Run for President in Press Conference
World's Top 10 Head to Singapore for 10th Anniversary of HSBC Women's Champions
Transgenic Crops: Alternative to Food Security in India
Bipartisan Commission Calls for Reinvigorated U.S. Economic Strategy toward Asia-Pacific
Mr. Ban Ki-Moon to Arrive in Seoul on Jan. 12
Russian Hacking Report: All Hat, No Cattle
Vedic Food to Lead Healthy Life
World's Writers to Gather for "Brahmaputra Literary Festival" in India's Guwahati
Rev. In Myung-Jin at Helm of Saving S. Korea's Ruling Saenuri Party
Park Geun-Hye Unwilling to Communicate
18th Taekwondo Peace Corps Launched
Qualcomm Faces US$853 Million in Fine
S. Korean Political Parties Woo UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-Moon As Their Presidential Candidate
Cho Yoon-Sun under Probe for Drawing Up Blacklist of Anti-Park Geun-Hye Culture Figures
Another Rocky Year Ahead for the Big Four
Israeli Victory, Palestinian Defeat
Jung Yu-Ra's Passport to Be Nullified Soon
"Diamond Baby Face Mask" Favored in China
Seocho, Winner of "2016 Seoripul Festival"
ESMO Hosts 2nd ASIA Congress in Singapore
Kim Hyo-Joo Wins Hyundai China Ladies Open
"Fine Healing" Helps You Improve Health
Gift-giving and Christmas

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Among hundreds of plastic surgery clinics clustered in Seoul’s Gangnam area, Mecca of South Korea’s medical industry, Grand Plastic Surgery Clinic stands out. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and top-notch skills its 31 highly specialized doctors meet their patients, both locals and foreigners in its own system of one-stop service that ... more
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