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Letters to the Editor
Japan's Takahama Nuclear Plant Poses Serious Threat to Neighbors of S. Korea, China, Russia
Abe Is Now Dangerous Sick Paranoia to Your Country!
Takahama Nuclear Power Plant

Russia, China, South Korea are going to be victims of Japan's Takahama Nuclear Power Plant. Takahama plant is facing Japanese sea, and it’s on the active volcano belt.

Now If the big earthquake is attacking Japan including Takahama nuclear plant area, you all are going to be severe victims.

And government determined that they are not stopping the Takahama nuclear plant which stands right among an active volcano belt in the area.

In Japan, five nuclear plants are in operation. They are Takahama 2 in Japanese sea area, Sendai 2 in Kyushu area, and Itata 1 in Shikoku area.

Especially among them, Takahama 2 Plant is only facing Japanese sea.

When big earthquake is attacking the Takahama plant, Japanese sea is all damaged and your (South Korean) fishing industry is all broken and nobody can live at the coast of Japanese sea.

This damage is so big and serious to you as well.

Earthquake will bring a big amount of radioactivity to the sea between Japan and Korea and your country’s seashore cannot be used almost eternally.

And your country’s fishery is damaged eternally and nobody could not live there.

Takahama power plant will bring to you the big amount of radiation especially to your country’s seashore.

it is right among an active volcano belt, It is going to be a critical disaster.

I said again that earthquake of Takahama must bring the big disaster to your country’s coast. So, It is very dangerous for you all.

And watch out! Japanese government’s true aim is that they wish to have nuclear weapons, atomic bombs.

It is very important. In the end, when there might come the big war just like the World War II again.

Especially this time, Japanese government comes with atomic bombs. It is so terrible thing.

And the sea between Japan and Korea will be the blocked sea. The whole sea is going to be DEAD SEA when an accident occurs at the Takahama nuclear plant.

Once an accident occurs, radioactivity is accumulated in large quantities rapidly and will give the whole Sea of Japan a mortal wound.

It could be easily imagined that a miserable result is brought to us and you too .

The countries around sea between Japan and Korea are North and South Koreans, China, and Russia.

In particular the people living around the coastal areas can suffer fatal damages, and the folks on the shore can go through radioactivity in large quantities.

It becomes impossible to eat marine products of the sea as they are polluted by high concentration of radioactivity.

And all cities and their residents around the sea between Japan and Korea cannot live there anymore.

Yes, if a situation like Fukushima occurs, the sea will be completely damaged for 10,000 years or even longer.

In opposition, to re-operate a nuclear power plant by the government of Japan, most of us, the Japanese warriors perform the opposite demonstration severely.

But, the Japanese government, as usual, you know, do not listen to the advices from the world or us Japanese people, both.

Therefore, all people Koreans, Russians, and Chinese need to cooperate with us Japanese people for our strong will to stop the operation of the Takahama Nuclear Power Plant,

Because Japan is going to be a militarist’s country with nuclear weapons, atomic bombs. And again and again watch out!

Takahama Nuclear Power Plant is just among an active volcano belt. And the current will bring radioactivity to you all three countries.

Thank you for your consideration.

Takeshi Kato,






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