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Master Artist Min Tae-Hong in Vanguard of Promoting Korean Art Throughout the World
Min Tae-Hong Creates Jiduhwa () Style Art
South Korea's master artist Min Tae-Hong has just finished his pro bono solo art exhibition held five days at The Mark in Los Angeles, Calif., the Unisted States.

He landed the United States to heal the hearts and minds of the American audience with his some 40 works of art displayed at The Mark. Most of his works deal with notions and philosophy of the essence of human existence and origin of the universe. Among them is "Creation of Heaven and Earth."

At his short interview held at his art studio in Gimpo west of Seoul he revealed that the proceeds from his charity art exhibition would be donated to the victims of drug as the artist was invited by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

His exhibition held between June 13 and June 17, 2017 attracted a number of US lovers of art as well local Korean audience. Among the audience were top US politicians and celebrities.

Min went through the prestigious Graduated School of Fine Arts of Hongik University in Seoul, earning his master's degree in arts.

Min say that Unbo () Kim Ki-Chang (: 1913-2001) was his mentor. Unbo was a leading artist traditional ink painting in 20th century Korea. Min learned the traditional Korean arti from Unbo.

Art critiques say that Min created his own style of art by mixing Unbo's technique with his own Western style painting.

The 59-year-old painter is now famous for his own style of Jiduhwa (), artistic style of using finger tips. Min also uses the tradition Korean colors of five colors for his works of art. Min is widely admired as the creator of Jiduhwa style in the nation.

Min is the winner of a myriad of arts exhibitions and competitions home and abroad. He received the 32nd and 33rd Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition, consecutively. It was hosted by the Korean Modern Culture Art Association.

In recognition of his influence in the art Min was appointed by UN as the goodwill ambassador for Korea National Commission for UNESCO 2014.

Two years earlier Min became the recipient of the covetous
"Grand Prize for Promoting Korea" in 2012 bestowed by the government. Min was praised for propagating South Korean art throughout the world.

In April of 2016 one of Min's masterpieces "Creation of Heaven and Earth" was sent to DEA to be decorated on its wall. He received a Platinum Award from the President Barrack Obama for his dedication to the durg victim as an artist.

He was born in 1959 in Samcheok City, the mountainous Gangwon Province. He grew up in a hamlet surrounded by beautiful mountains and by the picturesque seaside, which gave the boy the artistic inspiration. He used to draw and picture the scenic beauty of his hometown.

The pristine scenery grew him up. He had to be the bread winner as a boy for his family. Tired of poverty and persecuted by his step mother he left his own home for Seoul with no money in his pocket. Above all he wanted to realize his goal of becoming an artist.

In Seoul Min had to endure all kinds of chores and hardships. He was an errand boy for Chinese restaurants and he was a shoe shine boy.

Luckly he was soon hired as a "painter boy" to paint the billboard of the movie theaters in Seoul. He had to earn his bread and tuition as a boy. He worked during the day and studied at night.

When Min was a toddler he lived with his birth mother and father. His father was a police officer in Samcheok. His father fought against the Communist North Korean invaders during the Korean War (1950-53). His father was an Army officer.

Min recollects that the US solders saved not only his father's life but also the lives of many other South Koreans. In the memory of the boy the US was the savior.

Min says he is truly thankful of the US for saving his nation from the Communists' attack.

Once his hometown of Samcheok became the battle ground between Communist infiltrators and South Korean police and soldiers in the late 1960s.

Back then as many as 120 North Korean commandos infiltrated into Samcheok and other surrounding coastal areas. As a police officer Min's father was in charge of the mop up operation.

As a boy Min witnessed his father fighting against North Korean infiltrators. He also saw his father decorated by the South Korean government for his operation.

In his efforts to promote his and Korean art in the world Min plans to go to Paris in the coming October for his exhibition at the Louvre Museum in the French capital.

"From now on I would like to let the whole world know about Korean art," Min say. "That is my mission now"






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