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Op-Ed Special
"Golden Period" for New President Moon Jae-In
By Moon Il-Suk
Publisher of The Break News
For newly elected President Moon Jae-In of the liberal Democratic Party the period of May 10 through the end of August is critical time dubbed as "Golden Period" by the political pundits. They say that the period is the one which can decide the success or failure of Moon's new regime.

During the period Moon is strong urged to carry out his election pledges of cleaning up the wrongdoings and evil legacies left by the previous conservative governments of Park Geun-Hye and Lee Myung-Bak. Moon is also expected to carry out all kinds of reforms he and his party have avowed.

Following the period is awaiting South Korea's National Assembly's busy sessions. Its regular session starts on Sept. 1 for the 100-day schedule to take care of all kinds of acts including budget and settlement. Even before the regular session, the 30-day temporary session kicks off on June 1.

So, for liberal President Moon, all the urgent reform plans to redress the wrongdoings and malpractices of the past conservative regimes during the golden period need to be accomplished.

During the 113-day period Moon must show his political identity and must prove his ability to carry out his avowed reforms without delay, particularly those urgently needed ones.

Luckly, Moon has appointed the key posts of his liberal regime, and his henchmen are expected to carry out his reform policies without major flaws, local political analysts predict.

Moon had to be sworned in on the next day of the presidential election. He was elected as the nation's 19th president on May 9, 2017. The 19th presidential election was the by-election held as the previous President Park Geun-Hye was impeached and put into jail over her wide-spread abuse of her presidential power.

Moon became president and is performing his presidential duty without having enough time to take over the government.

In this vein Moon's appointment of Gov. Lee Nak-Yeon of South Jello Province as his first prime minister is critically important.

With Lee as the leader of his news cabinet President Moon should speed up his reform process before the start of official sessions of the National Assembly. The early successful result could eventually lead to the overall success of his government.

The 64-year-old Moon appointed the 65-year-old Lee as his premier on May 10, one day after Moon's election vistory, signalling Moon's firm resolve to compromise and integrate all the different democratic camps. Unlike Moon who is from Gyeongsang Province, Lee is from South Jello Province.

While he was electioneering Moon had long been stressing his strong will to compromise and integrate nation's democratic camps, irrespective of political factions and clans in so-called his political renewal policy "Grand Compromise and Integration."

Lee's appointment as the new premier is a good example in carrying out Moon's this policy in the nation where regionalism particularly between Gyeongsang and Jello provinces still runs deep.

The reform-minded liberal President Moon and his colleagues and followers had to wait over nine years to seize power. And eventual success of his regime depends on the early success of his government.

In the process his policy of "Grand Compromise and Integration" should be carried out without a hitch. Moon should be able to overcome his inner circle's objections or veto in appointing anybody to his new cabinet or to any posts regardless of regionalism and political factions.

As aforementioned the National Assembly's regular session starts on Sept. 1, 2017. From now and till the end of this summer is Moon's "Golden Period" for the early success of his new democratic government.

The above writer, Moon Il-Suk, is publisher of The Break News ( and chairman of The Break News Media Group. He is also poet. He can be reached at






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