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Unspoken Love
By Carlton U. Forbes
Staff Writer & Columnist
Saint Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day is a holiday observed on February 14 honoring one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentinus.

Long, long ago, in far away land, lived two good friends, Curtis and Agnes. Curtis and Agnes were neighbors. They lived next door to each other. So they did almost everything together. They played together, they ate together, they fought with each other, and when their anger subsided, they usually made up and continued being best friends.

As time went on, Curtis and Agnes went off to school. In elementary school, Curtis and Agnes sat together, studied with each other, played with one another, and did most school activities with each other. Curtis and Agnes were such good friends, they seemed almost lost when they were apart. Their closeness caused their neighbors to think Curtis and Agnes were destined to become soul mates.

Within a few years, Curtis and Agnes graduated from elementary school and went on to middle school. But for the adorable twosome, the only thing that changed was their surroundings. After some time, Curtis became convinced that one day, he would marry Agnes. But Curtis did not tell Agnes the secret of his heart.

As Curtis and Agnes got older, their friendship grew stronger. After a while, Curtis and Agnes graduated again, and moved on to high school. Naturally, life in high school was a bit busier, a little more stressful, but a lot more fun for Curtis and Agnes.

Still, they managed to continue their close friendship, despite their hectic schedule. In the course of time, Curtis became certain that one day, he would marry Agnes. But Curtis did not tell Agnes what he was thinking.

In time, Curtis and Agnes graduated from high school and enrolled in the same university together. For the two childhood friends, university life was much different from high school. They had more books to read, more homework assignments to complete and more campus activities to participate in. So Curtis and Agnes decided that studying together was a great way to keep their friendship strong.

Soon, both Curtis and Agnes started realizing that they cared a lot for each other. So more and more, Curtis began to cherish the idea in his heart that some day, he would marry Agnes. But Agnes did not know anything about Curtis’ romantic interest. That’s because Curtis never bothered to let Agnes know what he was thinkinh.

Then, one day, a handsome stranger visited that far away town. Soon, this young man met Agnes by accident. It seems there was an immediate attraction. Just one look at her and he was convinced that Agnes was the spark that would light the fire of love in his soul. At that moment, the wooing stranger told himself “if her name is Sally, then I’ll be her Harry. If her name is Jill, then I’ll be her Jack. If her name is Eve, I’ll be her Adam. If her name is Jane, I’ll be her Tarzan.”

Then, when his chance finally came, he mustered up the courage to ask Agnes out on a date. He did just that, and to his surprise, Agnes said yes. They went out a few times, and eventually, the stranger felt the moment was right to reveal his mushy intentions.

He looked into her eyes, and said, “Agnes, my heart beats only for you. My soul longs only for you. My eyes cry only for you. So when I’m hungry, it is not for food, it is for you. When I’m thirsty, it is not for water it is for you. When I’m lonely, it is not for company it is for you. Now, my heart’s desire is to share my life with you. Would you like to be the love of my life, the wife of my youth, the mother of my twelve children, and the jewel of my heart?”

Agnes was so impressed with this poetic proposal, she could not resist; she said ‘yes, yes, yes!.’ A few months later, Agnes and the stranger got married. When Curtis found out that his beloved Agnes was now the wife of another, he was devastated.

Shortly after the wedding, Agnes’ Mom asked her daughter why she decided to marry the stranger instead of Curtis. Agnes told her mother, “the stranger saw me, liked me and told me so. Curtis just thought about it. But he made no efforts to express how he felt.”

Feeling embarrassed about losing his beloved to this infamous stranger, Curtis left this far away town and was never seen or heard from again—the end. Now, the reader might be thinking: “oh, what a sad story.” Indeed, it is. In fact, it makes me even sadder just telling it.

However, this story could have had a happier ending. How? Well, if Curtis had taken the time to confess his love to his sweetheart, then both he and Agnes could have walked hand in hand into the sunset together. But because he didn’t, he lost the love of his life.

Sadly, what Curtis failed to understand is that love must be given in order to be received. Love must be expressed in order to be felt. Love must be shared in order to grow. Love must be risked in order to be proven. Love must be experienced in order for it to touch our hearts, affect our lives and satisfy our souls.

This Valentine’s Day, take the time to express your love to those you care about. Do it with Candy, cards, flowers, or a Valentines note. Do it with a warm embrace, a long, or a lip-smacking kiss! Find a personal and special way to show your loved-ones your heartfelt affection and appreciation. Because unexpressed love is no love at all. True love must be combined with fervent affection, caring attention, and timely devotion. To say “I love you,” there’s no better time, than on Cupid’s festival, St Valentine’s.

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Carlton U. Forbes, who serves as staff writer & columnist for The Seoul Times, currently teaches Global English at Dongyang University in S. Korea's Yeongju City. Among the books he authored are "A Few Choice Words" and "ESL Teaching Aids." A resident of S. Korea for over a decade Prof. Forbes can be reached at






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